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Artigo de Milton Ribeiro sobre o caso Geisy

Milton Ribeiro postou um artigo excelente sobre o caso Geisy aqui. Nos o traduzimos e esperamos que o Milton não veja problema com isto!

Milton Ribeiro has posted an excellent article on the Geisy case and we have taken the libery of translating it.

I spent most of this morning reading about Geisy Vila Nova Arruda, the girl who was virtually bitch-slapped and almost lynched and is now expelled from Uniban University in São Bernardo do Campo. 20 year old Geisy showed up at school for her classes in tourism dressed in a hot pink micro-skirt. This provoked the ire of the student body who tried to push her out of the school. The young lady needed to be taken under police protection and was removed from Uniban's corredors to shouts of “whore, whore!” It's not as simple as all that, however. Students accuse her of showing her ass in the corridor, provoking them and acting like a prostitute outside the classroom.

I say "So what?"

Let me talk a bit about from my own experience here. There are many attractive girls like Geisy from the lower classes — and indeed from all social classes — who reinforce their finances with certain paid activites in nightclubs. They not only pay for their provocative clothing with these activities, but also pay the expensive tuition of their private universities. I believe that this is not an exclusively Brazilian phenomenon and I do not believe that the students of Uniban have the right to expel or lynch one of their colleagues. In fact, I believe that the students of Uniban are not entirely adverse to nightclubs which sell sex, nor are they against Playboy, the bottle dance, dirty jokes or television in general. However, if Geisy really did show her ass to her classmates, then I think the university should act because doing such a thing is going too far in our culture, which only allows asses to be seen in silhouette or in "casual" attire on the beach.

Certainly, the situation is not as simple as all that. Geisy seems to be one of these women who has a desperate desire to appear in public. She's a natural candidate for a Big Brother Brasil, struggling against her lower-class origins with the weapons God has given her (and which don't seem to be all that potent, given what I've seen). In other words, what's shocked Brazil is the paradoxical expression of that which our society itself promotes: the social ascension of people who have little professional preparation through their use of beauty, hypersexualization and self-promotion - things which our country normally tolerates on a daily basis. Geisy's natural trajectory is either to find a son of the nouveau rich who likes that sort of thing, a career in the nightclubs, appearances in BBB and Playboy, or depression due to not being pretty enough to succeed at any of the above. Maybe because she feared that last possibility, Geisy also decided to invest in studying for her degree.

Look, folks: all of these options are fully within her rights!

What is unacceptable is the attitude of the Uniban administration, which decided to expell the young lady for the conflicts she supposedly created. Look, my dears, these administrators created the conflict themselves when they decided to take a powder when Geisy appeared in her dress and provoked the reactions that she did. I do not believe that Geisy would have shown her ass if there weren't students lined up to see it... We all know that the anonymity of the mob not only gives its masculine members a hard-on, but suffocates the superegos of all and sundry.

Geisy isn't a saint and probably went to school dressed the way she did in order to provoke the effect she produced and achieve the goal she's effectively achieved. At that point, when the riot was just getting underway, Uniban's administration should have intervened. Instead, the university allowed itself to become an extension of the nightclub, a situation which was Geisy and the rest of the participating students' evident responsibility and error. The students were apparently attracted to Geisy's forms in the same way that neonazis are attracted to homosexuals. Seeing as how she probably passed over the line of the socially acceptable and seeing as how her colleagues evidently felt themselves aggrieved, the natural terndency of the situation was an escalation towards violence.

Who is to blame? Those who can't impose a minimum measure of control on the corredors of the school they supposedly run and now think that they can hand-wave the problem away with a simple expulsion.

No, my dear deans! That is not the solution. The moment you created the situation, you, the university (and any university, it must be said, should be in the vanguard when it comes to tolerance and democracy) needed to embrace Geisy and talk to her in a civilized fashion, calm the mob down and secretly (quite secretly!) hope that she'll quickly be recruited by T.V. and thus disappear - something which, I assure you, will now definitely happen! Uniban, however, is run by fools. Fools so clueless that they've managed to mobilize the wrath of all of society against themselves, including the feminists and the biggest victims of violence and sexual intolerance, the gays.

The poor lads who run that school are not very smart, are they?

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